The Hamilton Spectator's side job columnist gets in hot water...

He is actually a social worker who is in trouble in his day job, losing a column as a result.

Screen Shot 2019-06-20 at 1.02.40 AM.png

I had a relationships column in that paper long before Gary Direnfeld did — in the Ego section for the under-30 crowd, while I was getting my M.A. from Western University. I had it for a year, long enough to know the Spec was a dead-end place, and very shortly after I left, the section itself folded.

Not surprising that something like this would happen, but it does more often than you think…

New York Times' attacks on people they do not like is stupid and dangerous: if you can't take the heat you created, get out of the kitchen.

The New York Times is mad at the president for not kissing up to them, and after going after him, his family, his mental state, and publishing fiction calling for his assassination, have the nerve to provoke him with sick things, and then say his response is stupid and dangerous.


The Times never had rationality or objectivity. They just vogued and preened as they got off telling the little people how to think, and now, they are absolutely desperate, especially after three years, people still have MAGA bumper stickers and hats.

You cannot get lockstep agreement. Stop acting like rich divas. It’s not working anymore…

The Rebel is not a Role: How Pseudo-rebels confuse their sanctioned role with outsiderism.





Spy magazine had a very good article in the 90s called Everybody’s a Rebel by Paul Rudnick. It was all about the faux rebellion of Hollywood, and how we had actors and singers proclaim to be “rebels” even though they were the Establishment, and living it up in mansions.

There are fake rebels, but they are not rebels: they have a role in society that prevents actual rebellion. They placate people — allow them to release and live vicariously through these stand-ins: you can pretend you are standing up to the Man and be rich and famous — and mainstream. It is a safe Zero Risk fantasy.

There are many roles in society, but the the fake rebel looks somewhat different than the cornfed ones, and it is easy for the fake rebel to think they are rebels, which they are not. They are the psychic equivalent of the Amish’s rumspringa: it is pretending to allow the naive and life inexperienced youth into thinking they are “running loose”, but not really. The kids don’t know the difference, and stay within the in-group and abide by the rules.

Rock music is Western society’s version of rumspringa. It runs on the same principles, and also has the same misconceptions about it.

For decades, the mainstream music industry could keep this reality well-hidden because the gate-keepers could hide it. You had people such as Madonna reap the bountiful benefits of seeming like rebels because they were the vent built into the Machine. Hollywood also used the same logic with “bad boy” and “bad girls” becoming famous on the false pretence of being “rebels.”

That’s not being a rebel. That is playing a role.

Rebels shun a system. They are outsiders who do not get lucrative contracts or endorsement deals. Industry is about making money, not losing money. You have a certain overhead, and a break even point, and that requires a precise number of people paying for your product or service.

The point of profit means more people are buying it than the break-even point. The more profitable it is, the more people see it as a need, and/or want. Need trumps want, and want profits come from disposable income.

Big hits can come only from (a) pandering to the wealthy who are willing to overpay for it for status and prestige, or (b) pandering to the middle class who don’t have the same amount of money, but have the numbers for an item or service to be profitable. To pander to a mainstream audience is where most people in entertainment and communications (such as journalism) can make a decent living.

But there is a catch: the mainstream are Middle Class, and that means what they seek is Zero Risk. The rich take eccentric and Avant-garde risks all the time. They can like the obscure indulgences, and set trends — or keep them out of the hands of the plebs. The Middle Class follow rules and trends, not make them.

If cutting edge talent either play to the rich — or the poor. They either have a rich patron and do well — or they forever toil because the poor don’t have the disposable income to support those players. To be a ideological rebel is to be a true outsider who is beholden to no one.

To be seen as a rebel to the Middle Class is a different matter. It is all shallow things that do not actually threaten the structure of patriarchy. They can tweak its nose, but as it is the patriarchy the created the untrained audience and cuts the pay checks, they butter your bread, and you don’t get to go on stage unless you sing their tune.

But the fake rebel can never be acknowledged as a false one: there are pretences to keep up. The fake rebel is, in fact, the lynchpin, to keep a patriarchal system in place: if people discover that any true rebellion is punished, they will become afraid and upset. If they think that sometimes rebels can “win” and succeed, then they believe they have freedom and freedom of choice.

That’s why music and movies heavily hype fake rebels so much.

It is an escapist outlet.

But then the Internet came along, and as it blew into town, tore down the façade, and now the fake rebels are having a meltdown.


Fake rebels a valve or a vent to keep the machine from over-heating. In a machine, there are different parts that look different from each other. The different appearance is irrelevant: it is all part of the same machine that is used for the same function.

Madonna is having public tantrums because of it. She buys her own hype that she “unconventional” (not at all), and a “maverick” (keep on dreaming, fairy princess).

She is not a rebel. She was the Establishment’s vent to keep its machine running.

It’s like the Spice Girls: each had a different role to play, but none were the black sheep: Baby Spice was not the rebel. She was part of the band. Scary Spice was not the rebel, either. Neither was Ginger, Posh, or Sporty Spice. They were a package deal, and one Spice’s differences were cosmetic: they all wore costumes, danced and sang on cue, and worked on the same product.

Sure, there would be egos and arguments, but the product was the united front.

When you are in the mainstream entertainment industry, you are not an outsider. You are an insider. You may not get along with your co-stars, but that doesn’t make you an outsider. That makes you an asshole.

The Machine tries to get attention of people, turn them on, and then get them to buy their product for survival.

But getting attention in a Tower of Babel is extremely difficult. That’s why old country media, when they had control of the information stream, could have monster acts sell millions of records: the pickings were slim, and they could attract different sects within the Tower by appealing to different roles.

And there were those who wanted a safe rebel, and acts like Madonna directly appealed to them.

But when the Internet came, this system became hobbled because the old rigs were blown away. People didn’t need a stand-in: they could present themselves in that role, but then, as the old role-keepers faded and stop reinforcing the old sanctioned parts, people adopted new roles in order to fit in with their fantasies, confines, and strengths.

Suddenly, we had real racial diversity — and Hollywood’s Oscars were not seen as about talent, but its obnoxious whiteness.

Anorexic models were not seen as an ideal, but as a way to keep women confined — and then the girth of new players increased sharply.

The Internet is global, but it turned into thousands of ideologically villages: the scale is smaller with no room for the monster acts anymore.

The Babel part took over the Tower, and the chattering no longer was in sync.

And acts like Madonna became antiquated with modern sensibilities. She is incongruent with the zeitgeist. She wants to be a big act, but even if she were half her age, she wouldn’t be any more popular. She was a product of a more restricted time, and could never be as successful under any other circumstance.

She was just fortunate that the elements of that era aligned to her benefit. Those old tricks do not work in 2019.

True rebels, on the other hand, will always be outsiders, regardless if the focus is the Tower or the Babel.

There is no sect where they fit. There is no whole where they have a place.

That is why they are rebels. They are feral futurists whose instincts show them a path not yet paved.

And they break away from those towers to build new worlds without anyone’s permission or approval…

The Ontario 2018 Election Campaign finds its way in the 2019 Canadian Federal Election.

Kathleen Wynne made a huge tactical error in 2018: she radicalized the Left, splintering it, and gave Ford his majority, despite not winning most of the large city votes.

The electorate here are bribable and don’t think too far ahead. They take things at face value, and never question anything that plays up on their own fantasy-narrative.

Wynne forgot that the Liberals are centrist. You pander to the illusion of the Middle Class. Stick to the narrative, and never radicalize your opponents. She never had a feel for the middle ground because she naturally aligns to the more distant left. The nuances always eluded her.

What she ended up doing was energizing the NDP base — a turf they knew better than she did. Wynne made a promise to the far-end of the scale, all the NDP had to do was up the ante, and that’s why the NDP became official opposition why the Grits no longer hold official party status.

Know your audience. When I taught public speaking to advertising students, that was lesson #1. You found a base and a niche, and you have to speak to them.

You have to know their motives, nuances, language, experiences, needs, wants, and Shibboleths. You have to know the ortgeist and the zeitgeist. You ride on the wavelength, and immerse yourself, and when you come out, you are prepared to address those people in a way they will understand.

In-group and out-group dynamics are essential to understand, and Wynne, to her detriment, did not.

She took the Left as one giant entity, and it is not. You energize your core, offer sweeteners to those on the fringe of your domain, and do not frighten rivals to the point that they all go marching to the polling stations to prevent your victory.

Wynne overplayed her hand, and energized Andrea Horwath’s clique while alarming Doug Ford’s. She veered too far from the base, who then either stayed home on election day, or went with one of the other two parties. This is not the breakfast of champions.

Justin Trudeau is of the same ilk: he tries to co-opt the base of other parties, but is merely radicalizing them. The Greens can take seats with a superior environmental platform — and they don’t need to take a lot of seats, just enough.

And now the NDP have been awakened.

The Grits’ Pharamcare gambit has now been upped by the NDP. That policy is their domain. The idea of universal healthcare came from their political forerunner, the CCF.

And they are expanding it to more than just Pharmacare — and their Pharmacare is more ambitious than the watered-down Liberal version.

The Grits are in snits now, with them trying to change the narrative to say the NDP version is “unrealistic”: well, so is yours, and it doesn’t stop you from puking it out.

You opened the door to it, now face the consequences of the awakened rival.

And memo to the Liberals: voters do not look for realistic promises. They look for politicians who promise to instantly solve their problems.

The Grits are sticking to platforms other parties can do better. They got into power with the promise of legal pot, which was something no other party had any dibs on before. They have no encore.

Worse, what they did do in power was cringeworthy and incompetent: they cannot claim to be moral because of that whole SNC Lavalin thing. They can’t pretend to be allies with China or the US because they screwed that up royally.

So they are stuck. They have checkmated themselves way too early in the game.

All Scheer has to do is come out with a sensible economic platform and be reasonable with foreign policy, showing that he will not humiliate the nation. A few promises of helping Canadians get out of credit card debt would give him a walk into the top spot with a majority.

And the Tories can do this without a genius guiding the ship. The Grits need a roomful of virtuosos to eke out a minority.

Trudeau learned nothing from Wynne — and it shows. Pharmacare was the magic word that gave the NDP new life — and it’s all downhill for the Grits from here…

The whole art and science of Method Research: learning to read the signs empirically and with street smarts.




Madonna may be calling, but the Patriarchy’s favourite female monster act keeps getting the wrong number. She doesn’t get that she is not a rebel. She is The Man.

I found this article to be a good indication of how unself-aware she is — and unaware of modern society.

Screen Shot 2019-06-15 at 10.41.50 PM.png

Madonna never became a somebody: she picked the wrong profession.

She became an anybody and an everybody.

She was a fantasy stand-in: she would sing on stage, and her fans would imagine themselves on that stage singing those songs and gyrating — only they imagined they were more famous and iconic.

Once social media allowed anybody and everybody to make fishy pouts on selfies and post it to Instagram, she was redundant. Fans didn’t need her anymore because they could have a new fantasy of being “discovered” with their own selves instead of her — they didn’t need hours of rehearsals — they just had to film themselves and put it on Facebook and watch the likes coming in.

Those fans aren’t “slaves”: they just went out on their own, hoping to either strike it big, or whine for socialism when the whole famous thing didn’t pan out.

Madonna has no clue about the modern age. Of course she pines for the good old days when the gate-keeping Patriarchy told the little people that she was hip, cool, and edgy. They had slim pickings. She is a product of a bygone era, but still tries to play the role of a maverick that she never truly was.


But Madonna has something in common with journalism: they never got it because they were not empirical, but had the benefit of a benevolent Patriarchy who shielded them from their own obliviousness with those fabled gates.

Trump figured it out, however. He saw it. He is a lot hipper than Madonna and more savvy. He saw Twitter was where all the cool kids were going, and so, he won his presidency with it.

Just to be clear: he didn’t merely just post on Twitter: he figured out its rigs and system, and did something unprecedented with it: win the highest public office in the world on his first try.

Journalists and Madonna fumed with jealousy, and the press is trying to make up a narrative about how there is a recession in the US, but it isn’t.

Because the press has another void in their brains: they cannot read any of the signs.

They don’t have Method Research. They don’t have F.R.E.E.D.

I do, however. It is the system that took me the majority of my life to create.


What is happening to the US economy isn’t a recession: it is a transition. The dinosaurs of the economy are becoming extinct, while the fittest new animals are thriving. Journalism collapsed. Hollywood is crumbling. Bricks and mortar retail is struggling.

What they all have in common is an inability to learn and adapt because the old rigs gave them real power and control. They lost the rigs, which were always their crutch, not magic wand, and they don’t want to confront the reality of their true mundaneness. They are Madonna, fuming that the illusion of being a Chosen One came with an expiration date, instead of shifting. Madonna’s ignorance is a real knee-slapper: for all the talk how she “re-invents” herself, she has never re-invented her structure. She is static.

Just like journalism. Just like Hollywood. Just like bricks and mortar retail.

The mindset of the world is shifting and rapidly so. It is something I have noticed and chronicled for years.

And I took it all into my equations.

I do not need to appeal to authority to tell me what will happen because I have devised a superior method that is faster and more accurate than employment statistics.

You look for the unintended consequences. You look for subtle shifts.

Because people lie. They keep the most critical detail away because to reveal it would expose a vulnerability that explains a seemingly baffling situation.

They will tell you everything is wonderful when it is horrific, for instance. Or, if they are doing well, they will claim poverty in order to get pity and gain something from someone who has something that they want.

When I worked as a journalist, this kind of thing would happen all of the time. There was not a single story where there wasn’t at least one crucial holdback that I had to find to explain what was really going on.

It didn’t matter how benign the story, it was always something. It could be minor or major, but it altered the essence of the story, in every single case. I never played up on it in my reports because it was my job to tell people about the reality of a situation, not present a narrative of me being some sort of great detective.

But I saw the shifts as I saw the subtle inconsistencies of what people told me. I could look for signs and test various theories as I continued to research.

And then I could build up on it through Method Research, the process of studying something by walking among those who you are studying by becoming one of their number.

Madonna’s still in the dark about why she isn’t a monster act any more. It has much to do with her age, but also because the times shun people who want to be seen as larger than life. She wants to be an event and an icon. People would rather place themselves in that position on a smaller scale. The way she puts out albums is old school. She should have gotten out of the music business a decade ago, and do something else. Trump did. He decided to try politics. He succeeded.

Madonna just wants attention. She still wants to be somebody, but music is disposable entertainment, and that hamster wheel is broken. She wants to tell the little people how to think, hoping to convince them to pay attention to her again by properly grooming and instructing them to fall for the correct mindset. Not happening. People prefer their own mindset, thank you very much.

Journalists are also stuck in that stupid loop. They keep trying to tell people how to think instead of understanding how thinking has changed in the last twenty years.

And it is their job to feel those changes, not work against them or ignore them. Method Research is the very art and science of honing instincts: you can have data to back up your deductions, but your senses are more in tune and accurate than those snail’s pace offerings.

For people who follow scripts and rules, Method Research terrifies them. They are passive by nature and want to parrot authority in order to sound smart without having to do the legwork.

But for those who are truly critical and active thinkers, they can glide on any wavelength to see reality in order to find the truth, regardless of the time or place to see the light…

When liars figure: how well is your economy doing? Depends if your media outlets politically align with your fearless leader or not.

When Donald Trump got elected, he knew the way to win was to promise jobs. It’s the economy, stupid. It is not the environment. It is not foreign policy. It is the Benjamins. He won on that platform. The end.

Now the Left are forever trying to unseat him with various narratives about a recession and how it’s here — but every time they cry wolf, something ruins their attempts. You have a press wishing ill on their own country, and that’s pretty sick.

When the press and power are misaligned, it is always doom and gloom.

But when they are aligned, the opposite happens: no matter how obviously bad things are, they paint a rosy picture that there is no recession. In Canada, we are in one, and when you have record debt, what you have is poor people masking their poverty.

When you have no empirical methods, but an agenda and a narrative, you can spin a depression into economic health.

In other words, you cannot trust any media sources when it comes to a nation’s true health or sickness.

There are always ups and downs, and when you have narrative, but cherry-pick one and hide the other.

That means if the press likes the leader, everything has to be dismissed if it is rosy. If they don’t, it has to be dismissed because it is gloomy. If we stuck to a few salient facts without the meddlesome manipulations, it would be one thing, but as it doesn’t, the news is trash that doesn’t inform, but play games…

The circus is in Kosovo...

And professional clowns Bill and Hillary Clinton are there to celebrate their psychopathic choices in bombing Serbs.

Kosovo, the place where doctors were involved in illegal trafficking of organs.

Or didn’t the Clintons tell you that?

The Clintons have seen their fortunes fall as incompetent nerd Hillary couldn’t win an easy and fixed presidential election. She blamed the Russians because she thought it was payback for all the sick and twisted things her and her husband did over there in order to secure their power, including pretending their fake news was real.

Speaking of which, Le Monde Diplomatique has an interesting article (English version here) about all those lies during that civil war waged against the Serbs during the West’s propaganda campaign, with this piece of war propaganda that is too stupid for words:

[Serbs] play football with severed heads, depose corpses, tear off fetuses of pregnant women killed and grill them,” said the German defense minister, the Social Democrat Rudolf Scharping, whose words were repeated by the media…

And yet the deceptive press ran with that canard.

Yes, the press and politicians are worthless scum who try to tell you what to think without facts, logic, or perspective.

They are nothing but clowns, and yet they decree that they deserve respect.

Not happening…

A day late and a dollar "news" outlets think a union will save a dead profession.



Vox and BuzzFeed think getting unionized will change their fortunes. Unions are antiquated and haven’t kept up with their strategies. Journalism is still dead.

Unions cannot avenge this death. It was self-inflicted.

And their structure is ill-equipped to handle changes. The entire profession walked lockstep…and nothing. That’s not just a US problem, but a Canadian and UK one as well.

Easy, bandaid solutions have been unsuccessful for the profession in the past, and their current self-righteous narrative isn’t getting them anywhere, either.

If their own owners lobby groups have struck out, their little unions aren’t going to far any better…

Andrew Scheer doesn't need a credible environmental plan because no one in this country has had one to date -- or actually believes in it.

One of the fakest trends is pretending to have an “environmental plan” in Canada, and there are those belief Andrew Scheer needs one.

No, he doesn’t. That’s a myth.

This is a country that allows businesses to put all their garbage in one pile. It allows endless garbage, and has knee-jerk reactions. It allowed untold garbage to be shipped to foreign countries.

And for the people who pretend to believe in the environment, all they do is build monster homes in formerly green areas, and have waterfront properties that eroded the ground, and now are blaming “climate change” for their own recklessness.

They discard perfectly functional furniture made of wood for ones made of not-so-environmentally friendly material. They poison animals because they dig up their lawns or poop on their lawn chairs. They separate fauna families for the sake of aesthetics. Their carbon footprint is atrocious.

And these are the loudest pseudo-environmentalists around.

If Scheer were to have a credible — and effective — environmental policy, those same virtue-signallers would go apoplectic: he would quash McMansions. He would ban air travel. He would not only ban waterfront properties, he would order the ones already built to be immediately torn down. He would ban animal extermination, and force residents to ensure wild animals were given vaccinations, and their families stayed together. He would ban excess packaging of goods. He would force businesses to take back all of the garbage produced from their products, and then dispose of it themselves in an environmentally-friendly manner.

There would be a lot more he could do to directly strike at those who pretend to care about the environment, by making them practice what they preach.

But, it’s the economy, stupid. If he has a good economic platform, he needs nothing else — save a promise not to humiliate the country the way the current prime minister has done, or cause painful foreign rifts.

The environment is cocktail party chatter, nothing more. People do not actually care about the environment. They throw away books. They buy their outfits at retailers who clog up landfills with cheap unsold clothing as they keep churning new ones out. People buy everything at the dollar store that sells mostly environmentally-polluting products. This is a disposable society who has no right to tell others that they worry about the environment when they buy fast food that has nothing but waste.

Let’s stop pretending. Let’s stop parroting scripts. People with brains are not buying what you’re selling.

In other words, show, not tell — and you do not need a government policy to be a responsible and credible human being.

Sturm und Drang from the Sunshine List.



More self-serving pain-in-the-ass fear-mongering and boo hooing from Ontario’s public sector for getting the luxury of buyouts.

Screen Shot 2019-06-14 at 10.46.37 AM.png

You can’t live without us! You’ll see! is the narrative abusive spouses, bosses, journalists, and public sector workers use because they don’t want people to see the truth.

But the narrative that there is a cataclysm for not living beyond our means. It’s pure malarky. You need more coming in than going out, not the other way around.

Most journalists cannot read a spreadsheet, let alone understand basic economics. You have interest payments — and if you are living on your credit cards, you are not rich or middle class. You are poor.

It doesn’t matter what car you drive or where you live. Sooner or later, the juggling act comes crashing down, and the austerity measures become worse. The problem is the public sector became an easy hack for people to get a good paycheck instead of bringing in fresh money in a private sector job. There is less work, bigger pay, more benefits, and more security.

And then those people feel grand and entitled, but when they are just as vulnerable as a private sector employee who gets his redundancy papers, the public sector worker throws a temper tantrum. It’s a scam.

That breed never bother with where the money will come from — just so long as their cushy positions are secure. It is not surprising that so many have tried to quash the Sunshine List over the years — so that they can present a false narrative of being Just Folks struggling and making a valiant effort at Saving Humanity.

The truth is they are the province’s elite and haves. They are not activists or dispossessed. Some on the list make six to seven figures — plus bonuses; so no wonder they are trying to bilk the system for all that it’s worth — and then some more.

I find it funny that the upper middle class in this province are Sunshiners and trying to pretend they are something else, such as crusaders and knights. You are just another citizen in this province, nothing more.

But the “heroic” narrative crops up every time they are called on the carpet. St. Joe’s hospital had the nerve to call themselves “heroic” after being sued. You are paid to save lives. That’s not heroic. That’s basic. You are not doing it for free.

How this province conducts its affairs needs a serious overhaul, and it has for a long time. There has to be a bottom line, and you have to show us the money. It should be mandatory to balance the books. There should always be a rainy day fund.

That means the government needs to get out of a lot of things as its over-extended itself.

But most importantly of all, it should equalize the public and private sectors so that the mindset align congruently with reality, and not some sort of Mary Sue narrative. The public sector should not be “safe” jobs. They need to reflect the same world it serves, and not be insulated from it. It should not be a hack. It’s a job. It’s a career.

Aligning various sectors in the province would help people see that bottom line: if we need something more, we then find the means to find the funding to incubate something new, but never make it dependent on the government for survival…

The Journalistic Paranoia Narrative continues...

Ronan Farrow is playing a very interesting gambit.

Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 8.29.53 PM.png

What he thinks will happen, is anyone’s guess. It most likely will not work.

Lara Logan repositioned herself and got a downgrade after her own version of it, and the press merely dismissed her.

Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 8.31.40 PM.png

Jill Abramson did it, too, but it didn’t work for her, either, and the last we heard of her, she was quoted in a very whiny and paranoid Washington Post column.

Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 8.34.23 PM.png

Google News failed you?

No, it didn’t.

This is the same Journalistic Paranoia Narrative that the press is trying because telling people how brave they are for reporting on Kardashian ass isn’t working.

The fact that reporters are blaming everyone else for their deficiencies says all you need to know. They accept zero responsibility for the calamitous fortunes.

It is not Google’s fault. Media outlets shamelessly scrape and flat-out steal each other’s scoops and stories — and then have the nerve to accuse other people of playing those games.

There is no magic narrative that will alter reality. Journalism is flawed beyond belief, and the reason they got away with it for so long is that they had the monopoly on communications. When Big Tech opened up those lines and anybody and everybody could broadcast their thoughts, it was game over. They became archaic and unnecessary because the Internet took away their special status.

They didn’t reinvent themselves — not their methods or business model. They would have had to differentiate themselves from the rest of the white noise, and failed to do it.

Google News didn’t take anything away from journalism, but they took away people’s voices and reputations with impunity for decades. They shut out people as they made fun of others.

Now that this power is gone, the press has been hard at work trying to find that magical narrative that will turn back time. It’s not happening.

Yet we have those within the profession attacking elements of it. Logan, Abramson, and now Farrow. The first two did not actually gain much, and lost more in the bargain. Logan’s lofty 60 Minutes spot was as high as a journalist could go — so it is downhill from now on. Abramson didn’t get much out of it, either.

The jockeying for a position in a dead profession doesn’t make much sense. Creating an alternative would be more authentic, but when you play gambits instead of blazing your own path, you are always hoping to get back in — even if there nothing more to get…

Everyone wants to stop the gravy train for others -- never themselves...

When I lived on the escarpment in Hamilton in my late twenties, my house was on the edge, overlooking the city. I had a backyard that was big as a large field with trees blocking the view of Stelco and Dofasco, and I had many animals make those trees their home.

Being on the edge of the cliff gave me plenty of privacy, but also a valuable lesson.

I had neighbours who secretly — and illegally — poisoned the trees in order to get a better view. They offered me the opportunity to do the same, and I declined. Who wants a view of that?

But there was another reason, and it had to do with the environment: trees have their spread of roots, and it is the roots that keep the ground from eroding. Kill the trees, and watch your property shrink because you have nothing holding that edge together.

In the years that I lived there, the size of the property at my house never changed. I always lost two pounds mowing it myself, and didn’t mind.

My neighbours who poisoned their trees, saw their properties’s size erode, some more rapidly than others. By the time I left the neighbourhood, my backyard stuck out much more than the others.

These days, you would have people blame it on “climate change” and not on short-sighted nincompoopity.

You have wealthy morons and braggarts build on the edge of water and ravines, tearing down everything, and then when the inevitable happens, they try to milk it for all it is worth to virtue-signal as a form of deflection. No, you idiots: stop building your hideous McMansions as you tear down the flora and displace the fauna, and, ta da! none of it would be happening. Stop blaming other people for your own stupid diva demands, and stop buying your own hype.

But those tree-poisoners in my neighbourhood don’t just remind me of Limousine Liberal Environmentalism, they are a perfect representation of Ontario in general: getting rid of the spread of roots in order to show off, and then wailing like a spoiled child in soiled underpants because they lose more than the paltry sum they imagined they would gain.

Ontario is a massive welfare state. This province would be a Third World region without government nannying. Doug Ford slashing their largesse is the right thing to do, but, like all other right things to do, it isn’t a popular one.

He is in the same place as his brother Rob Ford. When he was elected, he promised to stop the gravy train. What many voters failed to realize was that they were feasting on that gravy and weren’t not as smart or successful as they deluded themselves. In Toronto, you had poor people think that they were middle class, and middle class who thought they were rich.

Along comes Rob Ford, sees that the net and gross were widely misaligned, and then brought in reality.

And then came the howling from people who suddenly had to face the fact that they were poor all along, or that they were middle class all along.

The same is happening to Doug Ford.

And the amount of provincial inefficiencies in Ontario is absolutely disgusting.

I can guarantee you if the province were to cut funding for certain kinds of public transportation, the CBC and Toronto Star would slap some poor, disabled person, as a “victim” of this horrible reduction.

What they will conveniently not mention is that wealthy people living in McMansions use the same cheaper public transport because there is no means test in order to qualify for it.

Or, when you see a minor fender bender, there are several police cruisers, a firetruck, paramedics…and no one is actually sent to the hospital. The same holds true when you call the paramedics who have to stay with you in the emergency waiting room until you are admitted.

The amount of waste and inefficiencies in the province is vile…but if they were to be efficient, a lot of people with Sunshine pay checks would be out of a job because they are redundant. They are not needed, nor should they even be there in the first place.

That’s how spending gets out of hand: you have people who get dragged in through nepotistic means, and then make a huge salary, while other people do not need the services they could afford on their own — such as a PSW, but get thanks to the province.

Doug Ford may be hurting in the polls, but so what? Kathleen Wynne gave away money the province did not have and she was unpopular because the electorate wanted even more.

And the Toronto Star has nerve decreeing that people got “burned” by the cuts: no, they are not owed a job, for instance. And for programs that were slashed, they would not have been had the public sector been doing their jobs, and were more vigilant and efficient. That is not on Ford.

When colleges and universities got lavish funding — they all went and built up their campuses, even though they had much lower enrolment rates and retentions than what they were building. They over-expanded the bricks and mortar, and did very little else with the money given. You had teachers bank sick days, which is pure lunacy. You had staff take extra time off so that they got fully paid — but then whoever took over their job temporarily got a higher rate of pay.

You cannot then push forward your sickliest client and then bemoan what will happen to them — you weren’t thinking about that when you were pushing the envelope when the gravy train was riding through your place of work.

So what we have now is a group of people who are livid that their fantasy-world has been threatened: they are not as competent or smart as they brag to their friends, neighbours, and relatives. They could have that McMansion because they were using cheap public transit meant for the poor, elderly, and disabled who had no other ways of getting around town. The family who had luxury SUV had it because they could shove their children in city-funded programs on the cheap.

That is not what taxpayer money was ever meant to do. You have to separate the genuine needs from the cheap parasites who know the loopholes and take advantage of them.

Much of the bellyaching comes from the short-sightedness of those who miscalculated and thought the free ride was never going to end. You keep sucking the life out of the province’s roots, they can no longer hold the ground together, and it erodes.

And then someone comes in, sees the rot, and then takes drastic steps to stem the losses.

And then we have a climate shift. People may get upset, but what they should be is humbled. People should not have to fund your lazy nephew in a made-up job you thought up in order to look like a big shot. Poor people should not have to pay HST so you can ride on cheap public transit so you don’t spend money on gas for your Mercedes.

That’s why a forensic accountant — and insurance investigator would find real efficiencies. Outsiders would see more and take less for granted than any in-house middle manager. There is real fraud and skulduggery happening, and since the press has decided to play cover up for the sake of a fake narrative, a more capable agent would do wonders.

And it is about time someone stopped the ground from eroding because the view without it here is very ugly, indeed…

Old Country media thinks "Pharamacare" will save the federal Grits...the way Free Dental and Pharmacare brought victory to the Liberals and NDP in Ontario. Oh, wait...

Boy, are the left old country media outlets pushing Justin Trudeau and this whole “Pharmacare” gambit. The CBC and the Toronto Star act as if this was unprecedented in Canada…except it isn’t new, nor has it proven to be a winning strategy.

Kathleen Wynne tried a good version of it during the last provincial election for people under 25. She lost the election and official party status.

Andrea Horwath tried a very bad version of so-called free dental care. She didn’t win, either.

This bad version will not work because there aren’t enough numbers of voters who this platform will resonate with at all. People have insurance — private or through work. Seniors already have it, and many regions have it for low income Canadians — they way there are dental programs as well. In Ontario, there is the Trillium fund.

People who need it will have already decided to vote for the Grits because they are dependent on the government for their survival. That’s already a lock. People who don’t need it, and going to see the structure of this program is flawed, with make Big Pharma even richer, and actually put serious restrictions on who can get what medication, and will be turned off by it.

This is typical Limousine Liberal logic: they don’t know their own people and make big unfounded assumptions.

And all the NDP have to do is promise to up the ante — and the Grits hand over their votes to the more leftist party in the bargain the way Wynne did for Horwath. Once you radicalize a certain element by veering too far off your territory, you no longer have control of the situation.

Wynne played this card with Basic Income, and all sorts of other graft. None of it worked. You cannot claim Canada is economically strong and then have to pay for people’s medication. It is an incompatible message, and one the Grits keep spinning in.

It reeks of desperation, and it is a last minute ploy that they dropped all too soon. All the opposition has to do is drop some dirt of a corrupt pharmaceutical company or two who already jacked up prices — and the narrative shifts right back to SNC-Lavalin.

There are too many messes to clean up. The Grits are using all sorts of political propaganda to explain away their sins, but relying on old country media in a brash new world makes them sound out of tune and out of touch…

CBC's propaganda paranoia: Now, let's not read old new stories. That's scary.

The CBC wants everyone to march lockstep with their beliefs, and it shows. The “old country” media outlets do not want people to get information from anywhere else…including old news stories.

This knee-slapper of a propaganda piece is warning the little people that there can be old news stories circulating, and that people aren’t checking the date.

Except that is not exactly true, either.

People look on Snopes, for instance, and think that is somehow enough verification.

But there are other reasons why old news stories come back: to remind people of sins from the past.

The Guardian, for instance, marks its stories as being old ones; so this isn’t an actual thing. Journalists are control freaks, and if they cannot meddle or have their work used as intended, they implode.

But that’s just life. Deal with it.

And their base assumption that the entire planet are helpless and gullible rubes who could not survive without them sounds just like an abusive parent or spouse’s narrative. Nice try.

But what the article doesn’t mention is the little problem of how many outlets have contracts that want a content provider to sign away their moral rights. This problem has been around for a long while now — and this is the intellectual equivalent of a deep fake video; an outlet often has the right to alter the work, which is far more deceptive than someone posting an old article from an outlet’s archives.

And considering that an increasing number of media outlets that even have or allow old articles to be shared without a paywall is shrinking.

So this is not an actual problem. People have the right to post and comment on things any way they wish. When I used to post on Metafilter, every once in a while, someone would accidentally post an older article to discuss, in which people would immediately and gleefully point out. This article is an absolute stretch, and is a pathetic attempt to make people think they are too stupid to find information unless a journalist pierces their nose with a ring, loops a rope through it, and then drags them where they need to be.

And as the article itself is nothing but self-serving misinformation that is one-sided and patronizingly demeaning to its readers, they are not ones to puke and spew…

If you cannot stand the humiliation of defeat, then don't play sports. Competition has its price.

I am an author for a living. That is not an easy job because it is a public one. I get insulted a lot. People with no clue or expertise loftily decide what my book is or isn’t doing right, completely ignoring the amount of research I do.

That is their right. I don’t care about them. It is a price I am willing to pay for doing what I love to do.

And then there are people who praise me, but have an agenda to do so. The praise is false.

If you are the kind of person who is in it for the praise and adoration, do not be an author. Period.

This is not the career for those who need constant applause and validation. Praise is always nice, but it’s not why you should be writing in the first place.

But that is not the only career where people make demands and decrees without a shred of understanding of the essence of the job.

The Women’s World Cup is a place where all sorts of yokels have decreed that the US Women’s Soccer Team were Very Bad for wildly cheering every time they made a goal against their competitors — who cried because they lost.

Twitter is a troll scroll filled with people with no sense or expertise. They try to fire people, yet are upset because people cheer their own accomplishments.


And for Thailand players to cry? Come on: you know the risks of every match where you can get whipped by even a weak rival. Grow a pair of ovaries and deal with defeat with grace.

Men who play sports are not called on the carpet for cheering their victories; so the women should be able to do it without the misogynistic lecture. I do not know why happy and successful women are so reviled, but there you go. Sports is competitive and your adrenaline gets pumped to extremes as you have to remain focussed: of course you are going to go out of your gourd in celebration after every goal you make. Relish the moment because, you know, YOLO.

Oh, that’s right. Remember the generation who coined YOLO? Yeah, things didn’t turn out too great for them, so they are completely against it for other people. Too bad for them.

So I am completely supportive of victors celebrating victory. That is the reason you are in the game. That’s the entire point of the exercise. If you do not like people being happy for their hard-achieved accomplishments, go away. Sports is not for you — it’s for other people who have every right to it.

And since when do we side with sore losers who cry when they lose? What’s up with that? The time for tears is over the moment you enter an arena. Cry on your own time, and be stoic.

If you cannot handle losing as your rival celebrates winning, don’t do sports. Your mood is irrelevant to their mood. You would be doing a jig, too, if you won and they lost.

This neo-Victorian mindset is pathological, of course. People are always scheming and thinking up ways to keep successful people from enjoying their successes. If it bothers you that people are accomplishing things and you are not, then the problem is you, and not them.

I have no problem with people relishing their victories. I am not into sports because the dynamics of competition never appealed to me, but I am not going to meddle and lecture those whose essence gravitates toward it.

For all the talk of diversity, people do not actually like diversity. They want everyone to think like they do, and behave like they do without question. Enough is enough.

So, congratulations to those who win their matches at the Women’s World Cup. That takes time, effort, energy, strategy, stamina, practice, criticism, and courage. You have paid a price that you are willing to pay, and good on you for it. Keep it up.

I do the same thing with no apologies in a different way. I do not back down because someone doesn’t approve of the way I do things or the way I think. Too bad for them, but they have never spoiled my mood or impacted my self-esteem or life choices, and that’s just the way I roll in this spinning world…

At what point does the press realize no one actually cares about their complaints?

This knee-slapper article about how the White House press corps has issues with the current president is nothing new.

Knock me over with a feather, even though the last president’s regime was no better…but the difference is Barak Obama gave patronage appointments to journalists, so that made it totally okay.

But the non-stop complaints haven’t change a thing. Remember when all those newspapers had their Lockstep Day?

Of course you don’t — the white noise made it meaningless.

Having an antagonistic relationship with government is a good thing because if you get along, it means you are not doing your job; so shut up.

The president is not supposed to be your pal. He is not supposed to make things easy for you.

And why are you attending canned events in the first place?

That’s not news.

So deal with it…

You beg the Trudeau regime to give taxpayer money to newspapers and then complain about their secretive ways? Well played, fools.

Bill C-58 is a piece of garbage, and I would expect nothing more from the federal Liberal regime. They are horrible people who want to manipulate the optics and have brainless people march lockstep with their lunacy. Banning single-use plastics is meant to harm low-income people because the rich can reap the benefits of extracting higher prices. Hospitals, assisted living centres, and healthcare are absolutely dependent on single-use plastic, but the wealthy can fly anywhere for their healthcare.

But it is not just the poor the federal Liberals despise. They are trying to lock out any unflattering information about them from ever coming out, and that is the reason for Bill C-58.

But J-Source is upset over the bill. Why? Your ilk lobbied a regime you absolutely know is crooked and corrupt into giving you money to save your dead industry. That’s on you, so now suck it up.

That is the reason why journalists should have spat on anyone in the industry who lobbied for it — but then you couldn’t delude yourselves into believing that you had a bragworthy job. Newsflash: you don’t have it.

When a sugardaddy pays your bills, you have no say in anything. Beggars cannot be choosers. You cannot turn up your nose when you are a bought sugarbaby. You have no righteousness because you sold yourself to the devil on his terms.

You sold your rights to be haughty, indignant, mouthy, lippy, and arrogant. We know who you really are, and anything you say is worthless.

And none of this ever had to happen. The industry needed to update its mindset with the structure of the shifting times and get its method up to code. It chose to be passive whiners and beggars, so don’t come crying to anyone: you embolden a rancid regime and blinked first, and they merely took advantage of it because that’s what immoral people do when they have a little bit of power over someone else.

And that’s on you…

Reuters wants to know who will pay for shoddy journalism. Seriously.

When you deliver actual news, people would pay for it; so stop asking silly questions.

Screen Shot 2019-06-12 at 7.26.52 PM.png

Subjective propaganda and narrative fairy tales is not news. Speculating on the Firm’s philandering members is not news. Celebrity gossip is not news. Sports scores is not news. Reality show trash — not news, either.

Who won Miss Small Potatoes at the country fair — not news, either.

Movie reviews is not news. Covering canned events is not news. Cribbing from press releases is not news.

Having un-empirical journalism is not news.

No one wants to pay to be manipulated.

So there is your answer…