Memo to News Corp.: Facebook and Google can live without your dreck. News has become expendable.

This article was interesting in that you have a CEO whining that the big, bad bullies Facebook and Google are stealing News Corp's lunch money. It's nonsense. Facebook and Google do not need News Corp. They can fill their sites with any disposable fodder: LittleThings came and went. People's attention spans are short, and the nature of the Internet is about quick hits and novelty. Buzzfeed made its mark with stupid quizzes, but you don't see that littering Facebook walls anymore. also used to be a thing as were listicles.

Meme posters are still a staple in that they are quick and easy to remember. News Corp. is deluding themselves: they can demand more money, but they can also be cut off completely. No one would miss them. No one would miss CNN or New York Times, either.

Any replacement will do. Partisan press may preach to a flock, but the next more extremist preacher comes along, and the flock drops the old guard in a blink of an eye.

It's the reality of the Internet, and the reason journalists have suddenly all turned on it, writing all sorts of fear-mongering pieces trying to knock the competition.

Too little, too late.