Watching the Game of Go: Canada losing their liberties as they still think it is a game of chess.


April 19, 1995 was a dark day for Americans as it was the day of the Oklahoma City Bombing. The civil war in the former Yugoslavia was still going on. This Week with David Brinkley was still on the air and Bill Clinton was still President of the United States. 

I was just about to embark on grad school. I had been accepted at the University of Western Ontario's j-school program that was to commence on May 8, 1995, exactly fifty years since V-E Day. I already had several journalism credits under my belt at the time, and this was the in-between time for me. I took a political science course at my alma mater McMaster University so that I could skip taking its graduate equivalent at Western, and free up my schedule the way I did as an undergrad, taking summer school courses to lighten my load during the year.

I was working as a journalist, even a newspaper columnist, and I was not even twenty-two years old at the time. My birthday would come two days after I began j-school, and my day before birthday present would be winning a scholarship.

But the Oklahoma City Bombing was dominating news coverage at the time. It was when journalism was still a thing, and when the gate-keepers were still the boss, but it was something a government official said on This Week with David Brinkley on a Sunday soon after that caught my attention and stays with me to this day.

I watched This Week for years at that point. I was just a kid and I would watch that show every week, even when the family was on vacation. It was not as if I thought Sam Donaldson and George Will were all that, but the Establishment guests would park themselves there and talk.

The government by this edition of the show knew it was a case of domestic terrorism and the masterminds were Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols.

McVeigh was a Gulf War veteran, and he orchestrated the deaths of 168 people and injured 680 others.

But the government official on the show had said something that shocked me: We were hoping it was the Serbs. 

That off-the-cuff remark struck a chord with me, and I knew it was a slip: the US had been banking on egging Serbs to the point of attacking US civilians -- and why unless there was already a plan in place to bomb and attack Serbs -- but hoping there would be a patina of a legitimate reason to maintain their hero title in that narrative?

McVeigh must have been a huge disappointment to his own government for not recruiting a single Serb in his plot.

But Serbs weren't going around attacking people around the world the way ISIS does or Al Qaeda did. Serbs didn't have a 9/11 or the World Trade Centre bombing in 1993 before it. Even Croatia had dabbled in those kinds of episodes in the 1970s and 1980s: hijacking a plane in Canada in 1976 where its mastermind received a hero's funeral back home years later; bombing the Statue of Liberty in 1980, and most likely had their first run of it in 1975 with the bomb attack on LaGuardia Airport.

It was as if the US regime at the time had mixed up the Serbs and the Croats, thinking they were all the same sort of people, and maybe they can give a beleaguered Clinton an excuse to deflect attention away from himself as he showed how he can bomb those dirty little Slavs back to the Stone Age.

But the Serbs weren't bombing Americans. The ex-pats were peacefully protesting, begging not to be seem as global pariahs. Serbs kept going back to the Second World War and foolishly kept reminding Americans how their people saved 500 US pilots.

No one wanted to hear how their people were in need of rescuing decades ago. They wanted Serbs to have plotted and executed a terrorist attack on innocent civilians. It turned out the guilty party was an American soldier.

Serbs still got bombed back to the Stone Age. It was in the script, and no matter how careful they were, and no matter what kind of relations they had with the West in the past, the script was set.

It was a game of Chess and Serbs never knew it. They never understood it wasn't personal: debts had to be paid, and that parcel of land had to be decimated in order to do it. Once upon a time they took one more step than they should have and ended up on a rigged board.

Canada has now done the same, and like their spiritual twin the Serbs, have no idea what they did or how, why their demonization has its perks, and that they are no different or better than the Serbs who had the same mindset, played the same game, and lost.


There was at least one Canadian who saw the link very clearly, and it was iconic Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau. He got it, and it explains how he could stand up to the US without taking a single step on the the chessboard. He visited the former Yugoslavia, helping build roads in the country. He maintained ties to the country and sensed there were mindsets to study because there were latent problems to be riddled out by looking at that symbolic mirror.

As someone who is Canadian by birth and Serbian by ancestry, I always saw it. Both "the Canadians" and "the Serbs" recoil in horror whenever I say it, with Canadians haughtily thinking they are superior to the Serbs, while offended Serbs thinking they are superior to the Canadians.

Serbs were never feeding their children poor nutrient foods such as cereal, peanut butter and jelly on over-processed bread, or mac in fake cheese that came in a box or can. Your grandmother knew every place you went and literally chased you around the room with vitamins so you would never get sick. Your undershirts were changed at the slightest sign of being damp, and windows were to be closed so the draft didn't get you -- let alone allowing any child to drink something with evil ice cubes.

My childhood was completely Serbian in that regard, although I was born and raised in Canada.

But it wasn't entirely Serbian. We didn't go to church or go to those big annual picnics in Niagara Falls. I was born in Canada, and my mother wasn't going to make me a stranger in Canada. Both her and my grandmother spoke English to me, and I didn't start learning to speak Serbian until two girls my age moved to the neighbourhood after leaving their home in Belgrade. They taught me Serbian. I taught them English.

When my family went on vacation in Yugoslavia in the 1980s, everyone asked me if I was German or French. There was nothing remotely Serbian about me.

And yet, Canadians never think I am Canadian, either. They ask if I am Polish, French, or some other random European country.

So I am the person who is both of those things, meaning I am never seen as either. I am not easily classified or pigeon-holed. No label can stick on me, and yet the world cannot function unless they find the label that they can slap on you, and then stop thinking, believing their are intellectually superior to you.

The only people who never put a label on me are Americans. I worked for Americans. I have mingled and socialized with them most of my life. They never ask me about my label, and if they do, they assume I am of the same ilk as they are.

America is a melting pot. I am a hybrid. There are a lot of similarities, and I often see things from a more American perspective because of it -- bringing me no end of grief when discussing politics with Canadians or Serbs.

When you are a hybrid, your whole becomes bigger than the sum of your parts. In my case, I am both, making me neither. Hydrogen and oxygen make water, meaning out of two elements, the combined create something that is utterly unrecognizable.

And because I am both, but seen as neither, I never pined for acceptance because I never quite fit into either. I could see the blaring similarities. The differences were mere illusions, and yet illusions were what both sides saw. I was to both, a peculiar and maddening optical illusion. They heard non-existent exotic accents when my mouth was shut, and that was the least offensive form of othering I endured. 

When people find lies to pigeon-hole you, you don't pine for acceptance because you know there is something bigger than labels, and that's why my loyalty has always been to the Truth.


Because I had the cultural freedom to explore, my perspective was always a global one. I devoured and savoured cultures from all over the place. I have a deep reverence for Japanese culture. I highly respect much of British culture. 

But American culture fascinates me on a completely different level.

They are not anything like Canadians or Serbs. They are innovators, pioneers, explorers, and have an ability that has set them apart from the rest of the world: the innate ability to admit flaw, learn from the past, and grow from it as they change their strategies. They do not allow themselves to be stuck in a vortex. What was true twenty years ago is no longer true now. They get that reality is not static.

They move forward as they shed things they no longer need. They jettison cargo and bring on board what is vital to the next leg of their journey. Serbs were history's mercenaries, and while they were fair soldiers, they suffered a real trauma of being nomads, and it's why they get stuck in the past. They still talk about the Battle of Kosovo, centuries after it ended. Family is the world to a people who once had no base, and it is this sentimental attachments to the fallen that has pushed Serbs to succeed as it often led them straight to defeat. No one will understand how traumatic the breakup of Yugoslavia was to the Serbs. They bought into the "Brotherhood", and old wounds were torn open again.

Americans left their homeland because they are a people who are self-sufficient. It may be lonely at the top, but traveling light has its perks, and no one can beat that billion-dollar view. They took a risk coming to an unknown land, but they crossed an ocean and never looked back.

It's why the US had extremely good chess players running the White House: they know what to take, what to drop, and what to take down to clear a path to travel.

Americans have a fairly modest population, and yet have dominated for a good long run. They set the board to play a game of chess, and as chess masters, they are without peer.

For a long time, other countries either didn't clue in to the obvious, or they they played chess only to get trounced on by the US. Chess, boxing, and the Art of War, are all based on the same strategies and logic. It is not as if Americans invented the games or the structures of combat, but when you are willing to invent a country by re-inventing it, you need strategy in order to do it.

For all the bad-mouthing of Americans, other countries are merely envious and are expressing some serious sour grapes.

But after decades of chess playing, other countries and players clued in, and like the now over-granted PhD, too many people figured out the game, and though it was TORTEE -- The One Rule That Explains Everything. Just play chess, and maybe you will be good enough to beat the US.

Everyone got complacent and thought the strategies of chess was some sort of divine truth that would always be played on a global scale.

Cue in Donald J. Trump, and the game of chess became obsolete and inferior.

Journalists, Lefties, and other countries are howling -- but only because he looked at the rigged board, laughed, and then picked a trickier game to play.


Because Americans learn from the past and are willing to jettison everything that works against them in favour of things that will help them. They change. They grow. They evolve.

And the rest of the world is now in complete fear and disarray just because the game they memorized has been replaced by a superior model.


There have been many casualties of this strategic shift, and many women in power are falling because they passively relied on TORTEE instead of (a) questioning how bright it was to stick to an Old Boys' game when they could have changed the game themselves for an advantage, and (b) learning to do what a seventy-year old white man can do with ease: be active and change. Women can blame Trump all they want, but it was their own doing of honestly thinking passive thinker Hillary Clinton had a snowball's chance of winning the White House.

She was stupid enough to play chess when it became obvious that Trump played Go. He defeated the Bush Dynasty because they haughtily insisted to play chess. Trump played the better game and won.

Chess has too many flaws to be a serious game of intellect. For one, each piece has different rules, making it an inefficient way of gaining power. Pawns are pawns, and calling one a King and another a Rook is mere sanctioned insanity, and it becomes too easy buy the hype.

It is a game of rote memorization, and there is no strength training within it. It is not as impressive as an intellectual exercise as people pretend it is. Contrary to what its aficionados proclaim, it constricts thinking rather than show people the big picture.

Go is more honest. You have your stones. The goal is to remove liberties from an opponent until you surround them and they have nowhere else to move.

But there is an added element of what I call "strength training": the winner gets a handicap on the next game, giving the advantage to the loser of the previous game. True Go masters can be saddled with a serious game handicap and still win the game.

We are now seeing a major shakeup of the world. It began when the Internet fatally weakened journalism, and journalism's old rules by their wealthy owners started to backfire on them for two reasons: (a) they could no longer dictate what information people received, nor could they offer a single narrative that set opinion and thinking patterns, and (b) the rules of chess could no longer apply because it opened the floodgates where the moves got lost in the intellectual stampede.

So the old tricks started to backfire, and had these players been a little smarter and more humble, would have reasoned that their old ways of thinking were archaic and their structure of thought no longer applied to reality.

Trump, on the other hand, saw it. He actually saw it, and for all the arrogant babble from the Left, they are slagging Trump because they are jealous that he is a bigger rebel and disrupter than their best big budget summer movie protagonist. The Left memorized a little script and took it as a map as they went down the garden path, while Trump saw an opportunity to change the game.

The Progressives love their empty phrases, such as "game-changer", but they never had the guts to actually change the game.

It is not Trump's fault that he actually changed the game to Go. New rules. New skills. New thinking. New outcomes. New rewards.

New alliances.

And Go is a game where you know if you win one round, you will be handicapped in the next round as you make it easier for an inferior opponent to play -- but the handicap is a blind and a ruse, meaning the one doing the intellectual heavy-lifting is the one carrying the burden, while the loser get further sheltered.

Serbs lost the game of Chess to Bill Clinton because they wasted their time standing around on the stupid board, trying to tell him they weren't the Bad Guys. They weren't listening when that same regime said on national television how disappointed they were that the body count in Oklahoma wasn't caused by the Serbs. The Serbs were supposed to play Chess. They were supposed to make moves. They stood in place, and their pawns fell one by one until it was Checkmate.

Canada thinks it is one step ahead playing a game of Chess, when they are just as oblivious as the Serbs were in the 1990s.

Kids, you are playing an antiquated game. It's a Game of Go, not Chess.

And your liberties are being lost because you don't have the savvy to see the stones around you. 


Canada, like Serbia, is an undisciplined nation with Bohemian tendencies that is a little too impressed with itself and sees itself as polite, friendly, tolerant, and welcoming at the expense of being obtuse to how other people actually interpret their behaviour.

Yet it is a country that has inter-provincial tariffs that are slapped against their own citizens, as if that were a good thing. It also allows price-fixing on staples, meaning Canadians are always getting hosed one way or another. 

It is a country that is defined by over-paying for everything while getting underpaid for their work.

And it is a place that does a splendid job of covering up the extent of their poverty. People talk about the "sharing economy", which is doublespeak for selling your old junk so you won't have your electricity cut off again.

People have tenants in their broken down houses to make mortgage payments.

But do not say this out loud.

It reminds me of one Canadian comedian's routine where he discusses how his family was homeless, but his dad sold it to them by saying they were camping.

And we are really good at it, too.

We have a food bank that are trying to sell themselves as a "pay what you can" grocery store -- it is a food bank that does its donation collection at the same place as their food bank.

It is not as if there aren't other countries who play they same semantic games with the same concepts, but in Canada, it is a way of life.

We wouldn't want anyone to feel bad because they are living in hell -- they may just see how badly rigged everything is and demand change or something.

Let's keep it all positive, positive, positive, as one newspaper editor once told me when I began to work as a journalist.

And that Stepford mentality extends beyond economics, but also crime. We crow how we have gun control, as little girls get gunned down in the park and pedestrians get mowed down by drivers. We have gangs who have much tied up in legitimate businesses who will have much to lose by the new tariffs, and will lash out with the same violence they do to those victims of human trafficking in this country.

Americans are not comfortable with this kind of spinning: someone complains, they get on national television, start an organization, and then have laws named after a person who got killed for some real lapse.

Americans will throw righteous epic fits. #MeToo is a righteous epic fit. Black Lives Matter is another righteous epic fit. Code Adam and Amber Alberts came to be after two separate, but related righteous epic fits.

Rich, poor, male, female, transgender, gay, straight, black, white, you name it. Americans succeed precisely because they see problems and deal with them head on. They may fight with each other, but they will come together in a heartbeat.

Canadians get offended and deny there is a problem, and then keep the status quo. Serbs, on the other hand, will acknowledge the problem, make a flippant joke about it, and then keep the status quo. The end result is the same: keeping a flawed and antiquated structure in place because to change it implies that you were mistaken.

Heaven forbid that you are human.

Americans aren't of that ilk where it counts. They have built checks and balances in their own political systems to evolve and shift focus whenever a certain set of needs scream for attention.

When there was need for a hawk when terrorism was rearing its head, George Bush had two terms to deal with it. When domestic inequalities were becoming troublesome, Barak Obama had two terms to clean up the mess. 

When the economy was starting to falter, Hillary Clinton stared vapidly at Americans as Donald Trump vowed to look after their bottom line, and he won the presidency.

Wait your turn. It is what the American Left never got the grasp of. You cannot be greedy. When their skill set can solve the most pressing issue, they get their turn, but when they let something else slide, the voters gently push them aside and let someone more skilled from the Right fix the mess.

It can be easy to miss this pendulum's predictable swinging in all that raucous screeching. Left, right, left, right, that pendulum happily sways, keeping silent as the shrill debates give it clues when to move over to the other side.

I could always see their pendulum, even as a kid. I used to even think about it when I would physically sit on a swing and move through the air. Left, right, left, right. It was like being in tune with an entire country.

But it was more than just left, right, left, right. It was up, down, up, down. You were up on the left before gravity pulled you back down to the centre for a moment before you got pushed up again on the right.

Simple. The loud binary noises pushed the pendulum, as the pendulum guided the binary noises.

Left, right, left, right. It is the sound of peace moving forward one step at a time -- and the sound of war of soldiers marching left, right, left.

America has it down to a science with a game of Chess to keep the flow going...until Trump altered the game from Chess to Go.

Serbs were the inferior chess players and they lost. They didn't know the rhythms of another nation, let alone the game they were supposed to play. It was all or nothing. The US handily won, even when Serbs didn't commit any terrorist acts on American soil.

Serbs had the excuse of living on another continent and speaking a different language.

Canada doesn't have that luxury. They are dependent on the US for their survival, live right next door, consume their media, and speak the same language.

And yet they are blind to it all.


Canada does not take well to a lot of things: change, criticism, and reality. Serbs are mired in tradition, and also do not like change, while they also bristle at criticism, and failed to see reality: they didn't see that war was coming. They didn't change the way they took care of their own house, and they thought history would convince the world that they weren't the aggressors.

I was a teenager in high school when one of our non-Serbian relatives told us before the war happened that war was being planned and that Serbs were in the crosshairs. It was 1986 when it was still Yugoslavia and the discussion happened over dinner in Belgrade. He was dismissed, but his prophesy turned out to be bang on. Everything he warned Serbs -- and others -- at the table that night came true.

All of it.

I was convinced. He would be in a position to know. He looked agitated and was trying to get through to people that the winds of war were coming. There were no hostilities. There was no hint of war, only peace.

And yet what he said made immediate sense to me.

I could feel those winds. They never left, and when war broke out, so did everyone else living there.

It was during one of my high school history classes that I gave a presentation on Yugoslavia, and my talk was about how the region was in debt, and the chances it would stay together for another five years was nil. My thesis was Yugoslavia's days were numbered and would split up.

My history teacher, who liked me and was of Scottish ancestry, did not believe me. He thought I was exaggerating.

Where will they all go? He asked me.

I wanted to say, Down the garden path and straight into Hell, but insisted that if you calculated the nation's debt, what it owed, its chances of paying anything back, its ethnic tensions, bloody history, lack of a culturally ambiguous leadership (Josip Broz, otherwise known as Tito had died and as he was exotic to every region, no one could accuse him of favouring one group or another), and that there were stronger European countries who would have some serious stuff to gain if the region disintegrated, the most logical thing to happen was a civil war.

He thought I was smart, but prone to exaggeration.

And then a couple of years later, my prophesy was right on the money.

Serbs never bothered to cut things off at the pass. They thought a few of their old reliable gambits would work, but that old chess board was out, and Serbs were ill-prepared.

Just the way Canada is ill-prepared now, and have been losing liberties ever since.


I do not know who is the bigger clown in this entire tariff fiasco: Justin Trudeau or Chrystia Freeland. Trudeau is riding on a charm gambit, which has short-term legs with his own sheltered people. Freeland doesn't even know what's going on.

It is as if Trudeau agreed to a boxing match with Trump, but then didn't want to partake in a real match, roped in Freeland into thinking this was all going to be some perky photo op, telling her the gloves were part of a spa treatment as was the mouth guard and head gear, and she went into the ring, and Trump punched her lights out, and then she had a meltdown, getting up, and pointing to the audience that Trump was a bully and to watch out because he was going to punch them all in the mouths, too!

But both Trudeau and Freeland don't get the fact it is a game of Go driven by a Chaos Narrative, an essential fuel to control the flow of the game. Both of them keep harping on how ridiculous it is that Canada is being dinged on a "national security" loophole, not realizing that this a perfect set-up to a later pay-off, and one they cannot control.

There has already been one death threat lobbed at an American envoy, but it was never claimed that the Canadian government or military would be the threat. Canadian laws are atrociously lax. Organized crime is a concern. We have too many undocumented immigrants coming in, and if just one of them is unstable enough to harm Americans using Canada as a base, Trump's assessment is vindicated. If one gang or mafia get violent because their operations get hobbled because of tariffs, the assessment is vindicated. If one Canadian loon does something worse than a death threat, everything is justified in the Chaos Narrative.

But harping on "national security" and keeping it in public play isn't the only faux pas Trudeau's regime is making. 

Canada's inter-provincial travel is far more expensive, and throwing slacktivist fits such as #BuyCanadian misses the point: Go requires the victor of the previous round to start a new game with a handicap The US can afford to take a minor hit from a poorer country in order to win a bigger and more important game -- and considering the amount of tariffs provinces slap each other with, the boycott looks both petty and foolish, especially as there isn't all that much Canadian-made to buy.

And with there being a never-ending glut of various boycotts on Twitter, the US economy roars without much worry about the economic impact a few myopic and offended Canadians can do, especially as Americans can return the favour. They can skip Toronto and Niagara Falls, and both regions can be devastated, especially as both went to the Ontario NDP, the Poor Man's political party.

What is left of Canadian journalism doesn't help matters as they are playing the same futile game the Serbs unsuccessfully tried during the civil war, pointing out facts that no one cares about. It will not change anything. If Trump cherry-picks facts, so did Western journalists when blaming Serbs for everything under the sun as if they were the only ones with soldiers and shooting guns. Serbs pointed out that Western media outlets were cherry-picking their facts, too.

And guess what?

The cherry-pickers could confidently ignore it with absolutely no penalty whatsoever.

Those cherry-picking journalists picked up their propaganda in white tents set up by PR firms, and not a single journalist covering the war was ever charged with a war crime, or lost their job for their deceptive practices.

You are playing a game of Go, not Tattle Tale.

Canada is falling into every trap, throwing fits as the US is asking for Fair Trade. Canada's tweak retort was to brag about what a great lop-sided deal they scored for themselves with Trans-Pacific free trade deal.

And a lop-sided deal is an unfair deal. It plays well on the home front, but it plants a seed of a narrative that is not so cute abroad.

Just as Trump said from the get-go with that opening salvo, the US wants a fair deal, but only a Smooth and Spoiled country crows about getting special treatment, and hints at a deceptive and duplicitous nature, and it is Canada that indicted itself trying to show up Trump.

It is not as if the rest of the world doesn't get the subtext.

Italy is making noise about not enabling all of Canada's demands, meaning more liberties are in danger of being removed. It does not matter if everyone backs off tomorrow; it is damaging, and sets up the next move in the game.

Chest-thumping optics are always part of a political dog and pony show, but when you have someone who actually can pull the feat of replacing a game of Chess with a game of Go, the dynamics forever shift, and you cannot go back to the inferior old game because those rules no longer fit with the new shifts. 

Journalists were oblivious and still try to make this whole Internet thing go away so that they can go back to the old rigs and rules that favoured traditional journalism, and no one is falling for it. It has gone on for too long and we have too many things that came on the scene since then for that to be possible. 

It is like trying to convince people to give up electricity.

Buster, that's not happening.

Just as Go isn't going to go away to make life easier for rickety old thinkers who are Yesterday's Men and Women. The game has changed, deal with it because you cannot go back, and the new reality will deal with you whether you like it or not.

Serbs were stuck in the past, and those blinders cost them everything. They never learned to adjust to keep up in the present, let alone make a bold leap to the future.

There are world leaders who do not understand what has happened and what a subtle, but profound innovative leap has occurred. They are playing by the rules that used to work for them, but cannot anymore because a far better game has taken its place.

And Canada is throwing fits when they should stop being offended, and start looking at the board that has completely changed, and that is the very board that they have taken one step too far on.

And this is a country completely unprepared. It is a nanny state where people are sheltered from their own travails and vulnerabilities because everything is spun, whether good or bad. Lull your people with chirpy and folksy nationalistic narratives at your own risk.

Just ask the Serbs. The worst of it is that we have had Canadian thinkers stick that very label on Serbs and have failed to see it had travelled back to them.

Go is a game where you must be able to immediately assess what is good and what is bad so you do know your strengths and weaknesses as you see what your opponents's strengths and weaknesses are.

Just as Trump absolutely saw that journalism was Yesterday's Profession and social media was Today, he saw something else: that Chess was Yesterday's Game and Go was Today.

There are definite reasons why, and more than one reason why Chess is no longer a viable game. You cannot have Chess in an Internet world where you can no longer control the flow of information and the restricted narratives. If your points of view are limited, then finding evidence that refutes a theory becomes more difficult.

Journalism never figured it out, and that prolonged and comical blindness nullifies any credibility they once had -- and proves that if they are obtuse to reality, then they cannot chronicle it because they will always be off.

Canada also hasn't seen the obvious: they think making fun of Trump will solve of their problems as they cheerily pretend everything is all right and good.

And when it is all good, you have no idea where to go or understand what to do when you are labeled as a villain, and then you are stuck in a No Man's Land.

The Serbian regime never got that memo and their people suffered as a result.

If Canadians think they are superior to their spiritual twins, they have yet to show they have clued in and are making demands of their government to get their act together as well as their strategy.

I see it clearly. I can feel those same winds of war, and it speaks a more complicated and enigmatic language, yet I can decipher it perfectly. When you have one revolution, it begins to break rules one by one until there is nothing left but anarchy.

And this time, this is an anarchy with its own set of rules. Anarchy and chaos are naturally attracted to games of Go, where there are levels of different sieges, where little grains begin to surround you and serve as your quicksand, ready to sink you.

The rules require different alliances and different mindsets. You cannot be chained to the past as both the Serbs and journalists were -- and are still, respectively. Americans are at a peculiar time in history where you have a seventysomething Establishment businessman who sees the future and can adopt to embrace it, while the youthful Left are so terrified of returning to that past that oppressed them, that they are trying to somehow get to the future by sticking to old mindsets of the past, meaning they are doomed to fail because they want to keep those outdated scripts they memorized to get this far. It is now working against them; however, I do believe they will snap out of it, but not in time for the next presidential election. A humbling is in their cards.

Nominating Clinton for the Democratic ticket shows how out of touch the American Left are with the future, and has been the single most fatal tactical error they have ever made, but if they can openly disavow the Clintons and break away from their pretentious and precious narratives, I do believe they will find their footing again. They have to stop going to the same old well, stop pretending they aren't part of the Establishment, stop trying to shame diversity of thought, and stop wasting energy trying to get everyone to think the same way. If they are proclaiming they want what's best for America, then they have to remember that they are Americans, warts and all.

Canada is foolishly following their lead, and actively so, thinking it will help them pull out of the scrape of their own making. It didn't help the Serbs from seeing their house of cards collapse, and it won't help Canada, either.

The game has already begun. The stakes are high, and one misstep will unleash the anarchy on the board. It is a dangerous game being played, and one where nothing and no one is to be taken for granted. No happy spin if you lose a single liberty.

The stones have been surrounding Canada for months, but whether this is a country that can face the reality before they lose one stone too many remains to be seen, but if history is any barometer, they will lose every single one before they can admit they have been surrounded, and there is no way out...