National Post's Free of Charge Image Rehabilitation To Steven Galloway Continues.

Welcome, bitter himbos and their enablers from the Troll Scroll known as Twitter! Here is what I think of the intellectually-stunted rebuttal you cling on to like a security blanket...

The National Post has become the National Mommy: protecting the little white boys who get their sorry butts in a scrape, and then are allowed to bawl in public as the Post gives them free publicity to do so.

They have certain obsessions. The come from Toronto, after all, a city that inexplicably wants to seem cultured and refined enough to seem as if they are all cocktail parties all the time.

Except for all those homeless people those same blowhards walk over every day. It is a city with serious problems, but do not speak of those problems in public.

The National Post has the same mindset. It likes the Great Man myth. It does not like when said Great Men turn out to be vulgar goobers.

Steven Gallloway did not behave professionally on the job -- a lofty one and a hard one for Canadian authors to procure. Authors are perfect guests for those boring old cocktail parties, and that Galloway's ways got him in hot water was mortifying.

The National Post has been working as his social worker/image rehabilitator for a long time now, and this melodramatic Woe Is Me drivel is very tone deaf -- and not the place for the Post to publish.  

And that green-tinged Sad Boy pity painting of him is really stretching it.

Galloway is the architect of his own ruin. It went to his head, and in a nation where most writers cannot make a decent wage and must rely on government welfare disguised as grants and teach at colleges and universities, most authors struggle to make it.

Galloway had a lofty position, and though the university didn't think he did all of things he was accused of -- they did not exactly give him back his halo, either. He had a good racket going, and then blurred lines that brought him his ruin.

For an author, the article is cringeworthy and not very good writing. He is too selfish to see the obvious. He had many Establishment types come running to enable his delusions, and for that, he should be very grateful.

But gratitude is something Galloway doesn't seem to grasp. UBC fawned all over him, and it was not good enough. He was allowed to hold a position of power, even though Canadian publishing has deteriorated over the years. Nothing new or innovative under his watch.

The Post is man-aganda: propaganda to reassure the boys that they are perfect and without fault. 

Galloway is fortunate this happened in Canada before #MeToo: if it were a US university and if it happened now, we would see a very different outcome with no one giving a free platform to make excuses and paint himself as a victim. He wasn't.

This is the reason Canadian newspapers collapsed: we are being surrounded by real crises all around us, and of a country of thirty-six million people, the Post keeps giving copy inches to Galloway. Repeatedly.

He is not a tragic figure. He is an arrogant one who overplayed his hand. He did what millions of people do at some point of their lives: goofed up on the job and got himself in an unfixable scrape.

It is not news. Get over it...