Gun Control in an Internet Age? Yeah, good luck with that.

Governments, journalists, and teenaged advocates, who all should be ahead of the curve, are all behind.

As I have said numerous times, 3D printers make gun control a laugh.

You have downloadable software to make a gun. Chest-thumping from politicians who are silly enough to think they can curb this by law, obviously have never heard of the Dark Web.

It is distressing that you have so many institutions be completely numb to reality.

Yes, there is a violence problem. Absolutely, and it is horrendous.

But no, gun control is a stupid, expensive, inefficient, and ineffectual way trying to control it.

You don't actually need a 3D printer to make a functioning gun. You can use household items. Prisons constantly find hand-made guns in cells all of the time.

You have Toronto and Hamilton wanting Ottawa to ban gun sales in their cities. Yeah, good luck with that. You cannot end the bloodshed if you  just look at the mode of delivering it.

You can make guns. You can knives. You can make bombs. You can use your van to ram into people.

And it is time to stop pretending problems get solved using no-brainer passive strategies.

We need facts. We need to face reality. And we need to acknowledge that violence control takes care of the gun, knife, van, and bomb violence...