Canadian journalists march lockstep with the government? You don't say, Blacklock's Reporter!

Canadian journalism is in the pockets of the federal Liberals? Knock me over with a feather.

No kidding.

One publication here points out the obvious:

Jody Wilson-Raybould in February 27 testimony at the Commons justice committee recounted the boast by the Prime Minister’s Office seeking to quash a criminal prosecution of SNC-Lavalin Group Inc. The former attorney general cited a remark by Katie Telford, chief of staff to the Prime Minister, at a December 18, 2018 meeting: “If you are nervous, we would of course line up all kinds of people to write op-eds that what she is doing is proper.”

We will spew propaganda to the little people!

If only journalism in Canada didn’t collapse.

But it did.

That’s why the federal Grits made them beg and plea to get some free cash money to save their worthless asses so that they could call in every favour and the beggars would march to those orders.

That’s why SNC-Lavalin got so much goodies — so that they too can do this regime’s vile bidding.

So don’t ask why.

The Grits are using more than just taxpayer money to bribe people — they are borrowing money this country doesn’t have in order to prop up a corrupted regime.

And deliberately propping up money-losing conmen willing to do anything to keep the free ride going, taking civilian economic hostages as a bargaining chip.

Brutes in suits, indeed.

The charade could go on so long as the Middle Class didn’t feel threatened. They will go along with the shady narrative so long as they can keep things going.

But then Donald Trump threw tariffs. The Saudis pulled out of a lot of things. Then the Chinese became enraged.

And we are seeing a lot of factories and stores closing. Housing sales have hit a wall.

Things aren’t going according to the plan. No more goodwill. No more slack.

And all these third-term problem are happening in the first term. The rate of decay reflects the rate of decay in journalism.

But that’s what happens when you are not a visionary or an innovator who has to resort to feints and scripts. You don’t see that riding on the press is going to work against you. You can give them money all you want, they can’t get their act together for a reason. If Telford honestly thought “lining up” the media minions was going to be a good plan, she is a tool. Who told you that plan was going to work? Your grampy?

Now that Justin Trudeau’s other face has been revealed, he can be Canada’s next reviled villain. So much for the plan of getting op-ed people to applaud the prime minister when that same column ended in this way:

By sickening everyone, Mr. Trudeau might have just united the country – against him.

Good job, Katie Telford!

And you thought 2019 going to be boring.

I said a humbling was in the cards for the players this year, after all…