Torstar holds its own opinionists hostage: They all walk lockstep with each other over Sinclair Broadcasting. Maybe you could find some important local issues to write about with some originality, ladies.

The Toronto Star apparently clones their columnists: why else do Rosie DiManno and Heather Mallick write about the same foreign broadcaster in the exact same way? DiManno's uninspired by-the-numbers drivel "U.S. broadcaster Sinclair has plenty to gain from parroting Donald Trump" is of the same haughty ilk as Mallick's drivel "Sinclair TV held its own journalists hostage."

Come on, ladies, you two are no different and no better than a Sinclair anchor. Really. Marching lockstep to each other will cancel you out, and perhaps clue in to management that at least one of you is redundant.

Some originality and genuine connect to your own state of affairs would be nice, for starters. How about looking inward as to how badly the Star's fortunes have fallen and what those in the profession did wrong to fail its citizens?

The petty confirmation bias sneaks up once again, with the Star hoping if they point fingers to others enough times, people won't notice their own shortcomings. Nice try, but it's not working...