Toronto Star's Alternative Facts in recounting the press's role in the Smollett Hoax. Nice try.


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The mainstream media loves to take credit for things they didn’t do, but distance themselves from the bad things they did do, and the Toronto Star is no exception.

The Jussie Smollett Debacle is a scandal that hit left-wing and mainstream publications. The right-wing partisan ones didn’t buy it, and neither did Alexandra Kitty. I have recounted the episode here, complete with many screenshots of mainstream outlets that treated this hoax as if they were real.

No use of the words “alleged”, “purported”, or “according to.”

CNN has already tried to pretend it wasn’t a vector when the screenshots don’t lie.

The Toronto Star is playing a similar gambit with Rosie DiManno doing so with this column, inlcuding this knee-slapping passage:

Though it should be noted that mainstream media, with old-school reporting values, were the most carefully and cautiously qualified of the bunch over Smollett’s incendiary claims

They were the least qualified of the bunch. In their never-ending war with Donald Trump, they gleefully ran with it. Stop pretending that your pack of jackals are superior to everyone else.

Even the headline is an attempt to distance the press from their sins:

Empire actor Jussie Smollett’s attack allegation strained credulity all along

Nice try.

Because if it “strained credulity” and the press still spewed the yarn as if it were real, that has worse ramifications than if you all were just stupid.

That means you deliberately reported a lie as truth.

ABC News touted its “exclusive” complete with softball questions.

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This sentence is also instructive:

What damage this foolish, vain actor has caused. Gifted the haters with hee-haw ammunition to last . . . well, at least until the next social media driven hoo-hah comes along. But liberals will have to wear the humiliation.

Even now, DiManno finds it necessary to put down ideological rivals who were correct, and then throw the blame on Smollett and liberals — but not the press that spread the disinformation in the first place. The Chicago police chief didn’t exclude the press from his complaints.

And she does it again:

[T]hese are not glory days for the rush-to-judgment virtue-signalling brigade. A bad look for liberals, oxygen for the “liberal media bias’’ hordes.

That’s like saying DNA linking a killer to a crime gives “oxygen” for the anti-crime “hordes.” Just how stupid do you think people are?

No mea culpa. No owning up. No admission of a flawed mindset and structure, let alone method.

In other words, the same dysfunctional system stays in place and more propaganda gets reporting as news all the same…

Journalism made its own crisis. F.R.E.E.D. is the clean slate

Bob Schieffer has a lot of nerve with a temper tantrum disguised as a speech.

He is behaving as if journalism was a divine and godly profession that could never be replaced or that democracy is threatened if it must suffer the consequences of its own follies:

The crisis in American journalism, Schieffer says, is really a national security issue. "If people don't understand why the government takes the policies that it takes, it's very difficult to build support for those policies.

Journalism cribs from press releases. It does not verify information. It reports on trivialities with greater importance than the most pressing issues it gleefully ignores.

Yes, the public needs information, but journalism is the antiquated way of giving it to them.

It is a monopoly model that remained static and it has sparked wars, meaning journalism is a threat to national security.

The Guardian is still stuck in the same rut. They are the first spouse who cannot believe their mate upped and walked away, thinking people cannot live without them. People do not need a free press: they need a superior method of getting information.

We have all sorts of crying about how journalism is under attack and it is all a Very Bad Thing.

And all the rumours, innuendoes, propaganda, lies, hoaxes, and the like that were reported as news was a Very Worse Thing.

The Toronto Star is throwing the biggest and most melodramatic hissy fit of them all, claiming journalists are being demonized leading to a toxic atmosphere.

Yes, Toronto Star, you should know all about demonizing people all sorts of people of various nationalities, religions, and the like. What goes around comes around.

Journalism is a profession filled with clueless people who think they are beyond reproach. They are used to being king-makers and telling people what to think and how to think about it.

That's not today's reality.

It is very much like an old sexist ad that no longer plays.

sexist ad.jpg

Show news consumers that it is a journalist's world.

This delusional thinking will never change. The habit was set, and those in the profession were rewarded for far too long to see that once a shift has happened, there is no going back.

They are stuck in the past. 

But the world has moved on, and it needs a form of information dissemination that reflects that new world.

F.R.E.E.D. was created in this era. It is not beholden to the glory days and the rules created by it..

Journalism never had to be in crisis. It willfully chose it. It was a series of conscious decisions to ignore the reality and truths of the world. No one tricked them. No one forced those choices. No one kept them in the dark about.

Now they want not just a bailout, but they want to go on being oblivious, and even frighten people into sticking with their broken system.

There is no need to '"demonize" journalists: they created their own demons all by themselves, never listening to people who warned them, and never looking past their own wicked egos.

F.R.E.E.D. has none of that baggage or stench to impede it. It is a tabula rasa and a method created with the innovations and breakthroughs that have unfolded -- the same ones that journalism looked down on and ignored.

Their loss is F.R.E.E.D.'s gain...

Torstar holds its own opinionists hostage: They all walk lockstep with each other over Sinclair Broadcasting. Maybe you could find some important local issues to write about with some originality, ladies.

The Toronto Star apparently clones their columnists: why else do Rosie DiManno and Heather Mallick write about the same foreign broadcaster in the exact same way? DiManno's uninspired by-the-numbers drivel "U.S. broadcaster Sinclair has plenty to gain from parroting Donald Trump" is of the same haughty ilk as Mallick's drivel "Sinclair TV held its own journalists hostage."

Come on, ladies, you two are no different and no better than a Sinclair anchor. Really. Marching lockstep to each other will cancel you out, and perhaps clue in to management that at least one of you is redundant.

Some originality and genuine connect to your own state of affairs would be nice, for starters. How about looking inward as to how badly the Star's fortunes have fallen and what those in the profession did wrong to fail its citizens?

The petty confirmation bias sneaks up once again, with the Star hoping if they point fingers to others enough times, people won't notice their own shortcomings. Nice try, but it's not working...