The Age of Propaganda

Making posters is so much easier than gathering information.  

Some anonymous stranger tells you what to think, and then you are supposed to believe them.


The visual memo.

Politics has not changed, contrary to what the propaganda poster says.


What has changed is the desire to choose propaganda over facts.

Social media shortened those attention spans.

And facts do not come quickly or cheaply.

But propaganda is cheap, quick, and destructive.

Journalism is gone, and in its place is shrill propaganda.

Sink or swim. Appeal to authority. Appeal to fear. Appeal to mob. Confirmation bias.

Every logical fallacy rushing people into a snap judgement.

We do not need another propaganda poster.

We need facts.

Without the barnacles of narrative or spin attached.

We must reflect. Not react.

And make demands that posters be pushed aside for something that takes genuine effort and skill...