Memo to Open Democracy: Kindly do your research before you vent. You want to know where are the feminist investigative journalists who challenged the Patriarchy? What about me?

This is the article in question. 50.50_logo

This headline was particularly galling:

Where are the investigative journalists challenging patriarchy?

Yoo hoo! Ladies! I am right here!

I have been challenging patriarchy for over twenty years.

Where were you when I was doing that? Supporting Bill Clinton, perhaps?

You had another question:

So where is the feminist Intercept?

I had a news site of my own in 2007 called Chaser News. It had a budget of zero. No investors, and I was on my own. I did stories out in the open; so that readers could see how news was created. I tackled things from women being imprisoned for no good reason to a missing woman who was out there and caught on camera during a rally, but police weren't all that keen on finding her, despite her family's pleas. I showed how abused women were ignored and exploited back then.

So yeah, you had a feminist Intercept, seven years before The Intercept, but as no one actually appreciated it, I changed tactics.

Fast forward to 2013 and on to the present.

I began A Dangerous Woman Story Studio that not only challenged patriarchy in content of fiction and nonfiction -- but also in structure. Again, all on my own.

Where were you?

Where were the others labelling themselves feminist investigative reporters coming to see what another feminist is doing?

I have fiction, such as the World's Most Dangerous Woman -- a global consultant who takes on multiple cabals to bring matriarchal power into play.

I also have nonfiction, such as Musings from the Tower of Babel, Dangerous Science, and The View from the Sparrow's Nest that dealt with hard news issues in a feminist way.

The findings from several of those articles became the backbone for When Journalism was a Thingcoming to a bookstore near you later on this year.

So where are the feminist investigative journalists?

Right here. A little respect to other feminists around you would be nice. Let us not always pretend we are the first to notice something that other people have been fighting tooth and nail for their entire lives.

Let's have respect for our foremothers, too. Remember Nellie Bly? Or Dickey Chapelle? Or Joan Didion? Or Jessica Mitford? You may have heard of them.

You may not have heard of Alexandra Kitty, but let me tell you something about her:

She wrote hard news stories, from undercover female police officers to women who broke the law for their boyfriends who screwed them over -- and the courts were numb to the woman, who was actually less guilty. She got 20 years in jail, while the man -- the mastermind -- never spent a day in jail.

I also wrote investigative books about the serious flaws in journalism.

Did I get support for my feminist investigative journalism?

Don't Believe It!: How lies became news was ground-breaking in may ways. It told news consumers not to blindly follow patriarchal dogma presented in journalism and showed them how to think for themselves.

Ladies, have you ever read it? Have you ever heard of it?

I suspect not.

I wrote a long piece in Skeptic about the problems of objectivity in journalism and how it artificially created dichotomies, a clearly patriarchal concept imposed on our perceptions of reality. I wrote an academic article for Critical Review about the troubles with appeal to authority in journalism -- you know, another artificially contrived feint used by the patriarchy to make themselves the sole trusted source -- and how it discredits journalism.

Where were the feminists then?

Too busy assuming they are the only people on the planet who sees the misogyny and trying to do something about it.

Well, you're not. That in, and of itself, is a misogynistic assumption.

As long as women like me (and there are other women like me) are ignored by women like you, women will never truly progress. There will always be some weakness in the foundation that will collapse and then women have to needlessly fight to start again.

The better question to ask is Why are feminist investigative journalists never supported and chronically ignored, especially by other women identifying themselves as feminist?

That's the question to ask.

Because of women like me who have fought a thousand wars every day -- and continue to fight, no thanks to anyone.

Including Open Democracy.